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For a long time, we thought that Tamoxifen was roughly 80% effective for breast cancer patients. But now we know much more: we know that it’s 100% effective in 70 to 80% of the patients, and ineffective in the rest. That’s not word games, because we can now use genetic markers to tell whether it’s likely to be effective or ineffective for any given patient, and we can tell in advance whether to treat with Tamoxifen or to try something else.

Good read on using data and technology to help solve major problems in health care.

Solving the Wanamaker problem for health care - O’Reilly Radar

We’ve all seen our friends post about being sick on Facebook, but this new feature paves the way for the provision of structured health data that is linked to a wealth of other identifying information… Facebook’s new Health and Wellness section has implications not just for organ donor registration, but for personal health information management, public health, and disclosure – raising questions about what can or will be done with our health data once we’ve trusted it to Facebook.

Two posts on social media guidelines for health professionals

I had a guest spot on a blog for a nursing and health research network, InspireNet, that was published today, talking about the relationship between appropriate social media use, guidelines, and the importance of being able to access peer support for emerging work practices.

While I was there, I noticed a video that I shared here, and then I ended up writing a whole post about on my office blog, in which I claim that guidelines aren’t everything: your philosophical approach to social media is also important.

Social media can’t just be discussed as a risk, we need guidelines that offer positive and proactive examples that encourage use, not scare people away.

Check ‘em out and leave a comment. There’s lots to say on this.

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"How can we profit from this demographic? The answer is obvious: hospital traffic." (via @kentbottles)